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Alumni Consortium

Alumni Consortium

We’re out! How do we use the DBA degree?

We’ve all worked hard to earn our DBA degrees…now what? As DBAs, we have developed a host of new skills, a broader perspective, and a new network of colleagues. We think differently and see the world differently, but how have our lives and careers changed? As pioneers of a new credential, we have the opportunity and challenge of figuring out what it means to be a DBA. Please join your DBA colleagues for a lively day of discussion and support as we figure out how each of us can, and will, use our DBAs to expand our opportunities and impact.

To be eligible to participate in the consortium, you must:

The Alumni Consortium will be held the day before the Engaged Management Scholarship Conference on Thursday, September 6, 2018 from 8:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

Working Agenda

Alumni Consortium Eligibility

The main criterion is interest in applying EDBA skills to research and career, in one way or another! Participation in the Alumni Consortium is by application only. Each graduate wishing to participate in the Consortium is expected to attend all Consortium meetings and activities on Thursday, September 6, 2018 and must also sign up for and participate in the Engaged Management Scholarship Conference (September 7-9, 2018). Candidates who are not able to make this commitment to the Consortium and Conference should not apply.


The cost of attending the Alumni Consortium is $100 to cover the cost of breaks and lunch. This is in addition to the EMS conference fees.

Important Dates

Invitation to the Consortium: Invitations will be issued on a rolling basis

Alumni Consortium: September 6, 2018

EMS Conference: September 7-9, 2018

Alumni Consortium Application Process*

To be invited, participants must express clear intent to work together to further each other's research and careers. To apply, please go to Easy Chair, click on “Author,” submit short answers to the three questions below. A committee of faculty and alumni will read all responses and extend invitations to those who seem ready to add to the collegial work of employing EDBA skills to further research and business objectives.

Question 1 – Career & the DBA

The main goal of the alumni consortium is to facilitate use of EDBA skills in one’s career. We have designed sessions to strengthen teaching, academic leadership, entrepreneurship, and executive or consulting skills, but would like to tailor these sessions to participants’ interests and needs. To help us organize good discussions, please provide one or two paragraphs in which you reflect on:

Question 2 – Research

A subsidiary goal of the consortium is to encourage all EDBA alumni to participate in research in one way or another. To facilitate conversation, please write up a research question that intrigues you. The question can be in any stage, from a thought to a project. And you can take any role, from throwing out an idea, to providing data, to being a co-author. One paragraph would be plenty!

When responding, please be as concrete as possible so that we can use your input to refine the workshop offerings.

When you are ready to submit, please go to the submission page.

* The language of the Consortium is English, and all submitted materials must be in English. Students must have sufficient proficiency in English to participate in the presentations, discussions, and other activities.