Descriptive Essay: The Effect of Global Warming and Climate Change on Africa

Though the idea of global warming is in dispute, it is tough to argue against what we are seeing around the world. For example, countries that usually have mild weather such as Britain, is seeing floods and hurricanes along with the introduction of Africanized bees and Mosquitoes. In a place such as Africa where conditions are varied, we are seeing shifts that can only be attributed to global climate change. No other microclimate changes could be to blame according to modern analysis and historic record/proof. My essay describes how global climate change (global warming as it is known by lay people) is affecting Africa.

Places that are dry are seeing more wind

One assumes that dry places in Africa will become dryer, but that is often not the case. There are places in Africa that are already as dry as they can get, but they do have a rainy season where life is able to re-grow and prepare for the coming seasons. Climate change affects the wind to the point where good soil is blown away and dust bowls are created. Areas that are refreshed every year are simply flooded with no positive gain because the good soil and plant life that is trying to re-establish itself during the rainy season has been blown away and destroyed.

Dessert areas are becoming worse

There is plenty of dessert in Africa, but some places are becoming so warm that dessert land is expanding, which is creating death and destruction as it grows. This affects both the wildlife and the human populations too. There is very little that can live in dessert areas, which is why most of them bring only death and destruction as they grow and expand outwards.

Flooding is happening at the wrong time

Global climate change is affecting the delicate balance that exists in Africa. It may seem like a harsh and unforgiving place to the outside observer, but it does exist in a balance, and global climate change is affecting that balance. The most obvious example is when flooding happens. In some parts of the country, floods are a terrible thing and have a devastating effect on the local wildlife and human populace. But, in other places, the floods are needed on a regular basis, and climate change is affecting that, which is resulting in a lot of flora and fauna dying off.

Animal movements are changing

Most of the wildlife in Africa is severely affected by the changing weather systems, and the effects that global warming is having on wildlife is devastating. Things such as plants germinating at the wrong time, or insects laying eggs at the wrong time is causing massive problems and has already lead to mass extinctions.


To say that global warming is having a negative effect in Africa is an understatement. It is having a devastating effect on the wildlife, people and the terrain. Most of the damage is now unfixable, but without a solution to global climate change, there is little chance that many parts of Africa will ever recover.